About Me

Krystle J Bailey is an author, writer, content creator, and poet. Her passion for the written word has served as a vehicle that has taken her on many journeys, including this one. As an intuitive writer, Krystle aims to connect to the heart of the story beneath the story. Whether she is writing a news article or an informational campaign, she understands that readers need to feel in order to connect. 

Krystle uses her love of writing to elevate the stories of others. As a professional writer, Krystle’s services include ghostwriting, website content and copywriting, email campaigns, social media, press releases, blogs, resumes, and more. Whether a business owner isn’t sure what to say, doesn’t know how to say it, or simply doesn’t have the time to write it, Krystle fills in the gaps to bring the story to life.  She has worked with clients in a variety of industries including real estate, fashion, horticulture, insurance, wedding planning, and more. 

Krystle believes that words have the power to take us places we’ve never been, make us feel emotions we’ve never felt, and connect with other humans on a deeper and more meaningful level. Words have the power and ability to connect us with brands, relatives, and strangers across oceans. Using empathy and intuition combined with the written word, Krystle uses her gifts to bridge gaps between worlds, help people understand one another, and to spread love. 

Let’s build something together.